Complete Compost

Our Complete Compost is crafted from the highest quality, local feedstocks. Our premium blend of food scraps, leaves, manures, straw & hay are combined along with aged wood fiber. These materials, blended with aged mature compost, create the structure for our quality compost, composted in correct proportions from the finest ingredients and crafted for high performance.

Approved for Organic Farming by BayState Organic Certifiers 


  • Use as soil amendment to enrich soil life
  • Ideal for new landscape installations
  • Use to amend any existing garden or landscape project

Not to be used as a complete growing media

Magic Mulch

Our Magic mulch is a premium organic mulch blended from the stall bedding of select, local horse farms. We compost the bedding for a month, under optimal temperatures, to ensure weed seeds and harmful pathogens are destroyed. The end result is a rich, organic mulch packed full of beneficial nutrients.

Magic Mulch takes on a chocolate brown appearance, perfect for enhancing your garden’s vibrant colors.


  • Layer garden and flower beds
  • Spread under the tree canopy and bushes
  • Ideal mulch for weed suppression

Black Soil

Compost based Garden Soil

Our Black Soil is a compost based garden soil, rich on biology. The foundation of this sandy loam soil is sourced from the fertile region of the CT Shoreline, giving it desirable mineral content and structural components.

We blend Complete Compost, sandy loam and horticultural-grade Canadian peat moss into a balanced mix. Peat creates the necessary pathways air and water need to move throughout the media, thus allowing for optimal root development and soil fertility.