Handled With Care

This isn’t a new method. This is the original method for composting. It’s a lost art that we are bringing back- because we believe that doing it right the first time is worth the wait.

What is the ASP Method?

Our compost isn’t only unique because of the biologically diverse items we add, but also because of the process we use to make it. Compost is essentially the broken down form of all the ingredients you put into it. Some composts are made from leaves after the fall clean up, some are made by manually crushing up the ingredients in the compost over & over until it is broken down. But our compost is nothing like those other composts.

First of all, we are meticulous about the feedstock we use to make our compost. Just leaves alone doesn’t produce a very bio-diverse compost, so we go a few steps beyond that! We partner with local horse rescues, farms, food producers, schools, grocery stores, & more to bring their food waste to our facility and keep it out of landfills. Rich, hay-based horse manure, fruits & vegetables, food scraps, brewery run-off, unpopped popcorn kernels, just to name a few!

After we evenly blend all of the ingredients mentioned above with a compost turner, these nutrient-rich ingredients are placed into static piles. At this stage, no crushing is necessary and we essentially force the compost process to happen. Bi0logical processes start happening just like it would in mother nature! Because our compost is so bio-diverse, this literally means there is life in our compost. To keep the life thriving and breaking down the materials naturally, we put our piles on a solar powered aeration system. This just means that our piles are placed on two pipes that blow air throughout the day to keep the living nutrients happy and prevent the piles from getting excessively hot. We keep the piles at an optimal controlled temperature range of 140 – 160 degrees. These piles sit on our solar-powered aeration system for 30 days as the microbes do all the breakdown work for us!

After the aeration process finishes, we move our piles over where they cure. And then, we wait. And we wait. And we wait some more. Over 120 days pass before our compost is done curing! So this isn’t exactly the fastest method, but it is the best method to producing a compost that fuels & protects your garden like no other compost can. To us, it is worth the wait.

Lastly, we screen the compost and give it one last look over before it is bagged up in our 1-cubic yard sling bags, loaded onto our truck, and delivered straight to your driveway.

Are you ready to see what Complete Compost can do for your garden?