Hi, I'm Jeff Demers!

I have spent the last 20 years perfecting my organic compost recipe, making it the best product you can buy on the market. Our compost perfectly nourishes your garden for healthier plants, bountiful vegetables, and vibrant flowers. Your purchase not only supports our local, family-owned business but also contributes to the sustainability and reduced carbon footprint of our community. We put our heart and soul into perfecting our compost, and I want to personally thank you for becoming a part of our journey.

We Keep It Local

Nestled in the heart of Danbury, CT, New England Compost was founded in 2001 by Jeff Demers, a long-time landscape professional and member of the Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association, who saw the growing interest and need in all-natural lawn and landscaping products.

Initially, our Danbury manufacturing facility focused on natural mulch and soils. In 2003, we added an all-natural compost made from 100% recycled yard trimmings. Over the next few years the demand for our compost outpaced our soil and eventually our mulch products.

In 2006, we joined the U.S. Composting Council and the Connecticut Chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) to strengthen our experience and commitment to compost and other organic land care products.

In 2008, we introduced our line of organic compost and soils. Unlike our original compost and soils, we have developed proprietary formulas that are tested regularly to meet exacting standards. Using only 100% organic materials from select Connecticut and New York State farms and municipalities, we are able to deliver a consistent product year after year.

Whether you are planning an entire sustainable organic landscape or are interested in improving the health of your existing lawn or garden, New England Compost has a solution for your landscape needs.

Local Partners, Local Ingredients

Lesser Evil — A health- and planet-conscious snack company based in Danbury, CT. Unpopped and extra organic popcorn kernels and organic, premium oils come to New England Compost to stay in line with Lesser Evil’s green-focused mission.

Sunset Hill Farm — An equestrian farm and animal sanctuary located in Redding, CT. Horse manure and grain is a critical ingredient in our premium Complete Compost.

Curbside Compost — A food scrap recycling program that picks up food waste that we use to diversify our Complete Compost.

Double H Farm — an equestrian farm and competition horse training facility located in Ridgefield, CT. Horse manure and grain is composted at New England Compost.