Protect your landscape investment the organic way with New England Compost

Our food waste-based compost and soils give you the foundation you need for a healthy landscape that requires less maintenance and is naturally pest and disease free.

Whether you are planning an entire sustainable organic landscape or are interested in improving the health of your existing lawn or garden, New England Compost has a solution for your landscape needs.

Many homeowners and businesses are discovering the beauty and benefits of organic lawn care and landscaping. Going”organic” doesn’t require a dramatic change to your plant care, however does require you think carefully about your choices of products and plantings to create a more sustainable landscape. Using compost and natural fertilizer agents is a great way to add nutrients and restore a healthy ecosystem to your soil.

Benefits of Going Organic:

– Reduces watering requirements and increases drought tolerance
– Eradicates pests and diseases by restoring a natural microbial balance
– Promotes sustained nitrogen cycle; reducing/eliminating need for fertilizers
– Increases root depth and growth for lawns, trees and shrubs
– Eliminates chemical toxicity of your landscape for people and pets
– Saves money by reducing fertilization needs and promoting healthy plants

New England Compost’s soil and compost products when used in combination with other proven organic methods can give you the lawn and planting results you are looking for that are naturally pest and disease free.

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